Our Log Homes Are Quite Literally
"A Cut Above!"

Each WLH log has milled square sides with hand-peeled corners. Logs are milled from standing dead dry or fire killed dry timber, typically Lodge Pole Pine, Spruce, or Ponderosa Pine. These wood varieties produce high-grade logs with exceptional strength and visual appeal. Our goal is to maximize the unique character of each log to enhance your investment.
Spruce and Lodge Pole Pine are our primary woods. Ponderosa Pine and Douglas fir are also available. We use these trees because they are even and straight grained, low moisture content, few knots, low log twist and are structurally sound. We use Douglas fir when needed for long spans and also for decking. These trees are not harvested green. They are Pine Beetle kill, standing dead, or fire kill. This insect intrusion is what gives the logs their blue hue. The blue hue is made by the tree’s response to the beetles. Essentially, the trees used are culled from forests to prevent forest fires and to maintain animal habitat.
Our main supply of logs comes out of British Columbia, directly north of us in Canada. We also use local lumber and we select these logs using the same high standards as we do with all our logs. It is said that a house is only as good as its foundation. It can also be said that a log home is only as good as its log.




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Standard Log Home Kits

Our standard log home kits have been developed, revamped, and updated over the years to provide our customers (both existing and potential) with a viable option for their log home needs. Each standard log home kit comes complete with a sound design, pre-approved plan sets, installation parameters, as well as an itemized list of the products and materials required for construction. For the convenience of our potential log home buyers, we've notated an overview what comprises our standard log home kits.

Detailed set of plans including foundation, floor plans, sections, elevations, electrical, and framing information.
Cut sheets for all log walls, ceilings, and details.
Appropriate sized 3/8 Power Lag screws made by Spax to fasten logs together.
Bunk sheet lists of all the logs bunks, wrapped in weather proof covering.
All log components are pre-cut, labeled, and stacked into bunks.

Custom Log Home Kits

For those clients and log home buyers who already have a clearer understanding of what designing and constructing a log largely entails (materials needed, timeframes required, and building costs to name but a few), we are proud to offer our log home design and construction services in a more customized/personalized capacity. We understand each property or parcel is inhernetly unique which is why we've made it one of our most noteworthy qualities as a company to be as adaptable and innovative as possible when designing and installing our custom log homes/cabins.

Log home assembly.
Log staircases.
Log and custom iron railing systems.
Custom truss design, assembly, and installation.
Custom beams, posts, and timbers.
Square log siding. (usually 12” wide and 1 ¾” thick with hand hewn edges to mimic the full square logs)



Log Home Options Through Zeller Wyoming Log Homes


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