A Little History About Zeller Wyoming Log Homes, LLC

"Hello, my name is Todd Zeller, owner of Zeller Wyoming Log Homes LLC. Iā€™m in my early 50s and have been in construction since 1984 when I studied construction technology at Casper College in Wyoming. I began my career in industrial construction as an apprentice carpenter and concrete worker. After a few years of this, I found my calling in the residential sector. I was hooked on learning all aspects of home remodeling and new custom home construction. I worked my way from apprentice to journeyman and eventually leadman. In 2005 I made the jump to self-employment, starting Zeller Construction Inc. We built many new homes, additions, and renovations during this time. We also had a few log projects, using Swedish cope round logs. In 2010, we built a log home using 12ā€ x 12ā€ square logs, cut and labeled in a custom log home kit. My crew and I loved the ease of construction and the quality end result. These logs could withstand the harsh Wyoming summer sun and the bitter winter winds and were a unique product compared to most other log homes and homes in general in the area.

After working for several more years in residential construction, I bought Wyoming Log Home MFG in 2015 from its former owners in Sheridan, WY. They had already developed software and an organized system to manufacture many different models of homes with the capability to build almost any custom design as well. So began a whirlwind of ideas on how to take this company brand and make our own. First, we began construction of a new milling facility in Greybull, WY. Once completed, we were able to base our operations from our hometown, as we had worked for about a year from the previous location in Sheridan. Plans are currently underway to construct a new office by April of 2020 out of the log packages that we produce. The company has stayed very busy building cabin kits, assembling kits, and a few turn keys (which we only do in the Big Horn Basin in northern Wyoming.) We also build custom trusses, staircases, railings, etc.

As a company, (myself, my leadman, shop foreman, and as many as 4-6 more tradesmen) have developed our own system of milling, bunking, cutting, plaining, and labeling our kits. We have sold kits and gone to locations across Wyoming to assemble and dry-in 4 out of the first 10 packages we have sold. We are looking to providing an off-grid cabin kit, both unassembled and some that will be preassembled and shipped out mostly complete."